So, as many people who know me already I love Bonsai trees a lot. I don’t know where it all started but one day I just saw one and thought they were lovely and I guess it went from there. I have a fascination with Japan and with me Bonsai trees are apart of that.

I have been through a couple of trees they can be hard to look after but you eventually learn how to look after them but seem to do well so far as I have 6 🙂 I like when they come in different shapes and sizes thats what I’m attracted too 🙂

This picture was taken from a Garden centre close to where my Great Aunty Margaret lives. I have been to this garden centre before but never spotted any Bonsai’s and there was a Bonsai exhibition on ‘The Accrington Bonsai Society’ made an appearance with the trees I have seen them once before at Barton Grange and some lovely trees all different shapes and forms.

This big bonsai in the picture was surrounded by others,(i like the little crane origami)thats where I got my Japanese Holly 🙂 there was a big rock with a little waterfall and a little Chinese man fishing it was sweet. I wish I could have something like this in my room.

Not only is the Japanese Holly my latest but for a long time I wanted a Maple I like the shaped leaves and the way they change colour I searched many websites that they were quite expensive and over my price range 😦 I was on ebay one day and saw some and thought I’ll come back and have a think about it. When it came to payday I couldn’t resist. So altogether my total is 8 but I’ll have to re-arrange all my trees to make room, the biggest one my Juniper takes up quite a bit of room as of its size it is meant to be an outdoor tree but I can’t put it outdoors. I like it in my room with me and the others like a little family.

I think for now I’ll give it a rest and not purchase any more as I have limited space as it is, but its too tempting looking on websites and seeing what there is. I’d rather own the tree and it joining my little family than sat in some shop on its own looking sad.

They are fascinating trees even my mum was surprised when we saw the trees at the garden centre and we had to pick a favorite I chose No 22 the Maple. I wish I had that one but I have one on its way anyhow.